Saturday, February 2, 2013

My favorite sports: Table Tennis

Growing up, I have never really been fond of any kinds of sports until I learned how to play ping-pong also known as table tennis at school two summers ago. I have tried playing badminton in the past but it doesn't really appeal to me as much as table tennis which is probably due to the reason that badminton is too simple for my liking. Before enrolling in the beginner's level table tennis class, I had played the sports with my dad at home who had previous experience and I have always lost to him. With no previous experience myself, I didn't know how to serve nor use the paddle the correct way. However, after taking the class, I learned alot of the basic techniques such as serving, slicing, and slamming with both forehand and backhand positions. Now, I'm able to beat my dad who used to go a bit easy on me before but now he doesn't have to do that anymore. This semester, I'm currently enrolled  in Intermediate Level of table tennis which is a great PE class to end the year with. Many of my classmates say that I play really well especially using the forehand position but I still have troubles with the backhand position. But practice makes improvement! For the next class, we are going to play the singles tournament which is going to be very fun and of course, tiring since the class is going to be 2 hours long. Someday, I want to challenge my Vietnamese next-door neighbor to a game because they also love playng table table as well. Last summer, I heard them playing almost everyday with alot of ping pong balls flying over to my backyard which my dog has collected.

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