Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Bollywood Movie

       I saw my first Bollywood film entitled "Bhagg Milkha Bhagg" with my friend, Martha, and her friend Daisy, who are both from El Salvador. I had no idea that Bollywood movies are that popular in the United States until I walked into the auditorium to realize that most of the seats are already taken. We arrived 30 minutes late so we had to sit at the front on the second roll which was too close but regardless, we could see the screen really well. The movie is based on a true story about a really successful Indian track-and-field runner, Milkha Singh. I was really inspired by the story because the message behind it is that hard work and dedication is the most important when you want to accomplish something in life. In the movie, Milka Singh started out as a poor kid who had to steal to make a living. Later, due to his ability to run really fast, he got recruited onto the Indian track-and-field team. Then he enters the Olympics and encountered some setbacks---losing the first race--- but despite this problem, he was able to get back up by training day and night until he became confident that he will win in the next race. As a result, all his hard work and effort paid off, which helped him to become the most famous Indian track-and-field runner at that time. After watching this movie, it inspired me even more to dedicate my time to the piano so that I can accomplish my goal of playing proficiently. 

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