Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A trip to IKEA and Foster City Beach

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of quality time with my family. First, we went down to Palo Alto to shop at IKEA, a huge store that sells furniture; however, we didn’t really buy anything. Like always, we would just go there to take advantage of the delicious food they sell at a cheap and affordable price. My favorite dish is the 15 piece meatball with mashed potatoes and gravy which I can get for only $3.99. This dish is actually the most popular dish among customers because it‘s cheap and satisfying. You can also add a side order for only $1.99. Along with her chicken drumstick and mashed potatoes, my sister ordered French fries as her side dish. As for my dad, he only ordered a piece of fish with a variety of vegetables. 15 meatballs were satisfying enough to keep my stomach full for the entire day.
After having lunch at IKEA, we head down to Foster City Beach to take a stroll as well as to take pictures for memories. I haven’t been to the beach for a while; It was actually my second time there. It felt really peaceful just sitting on the bench and staring straight at the river. It seems like I will never get a complete glimpse of the river as the view seems to be endless; I could sit there all day admiring the beautiful, panoramic view. The wind was very strong that it felt I could be lifted up into the air any minute. Actually, it felt really comfortable because the strong wind has the ability to blow away all of my stress and worries. It’s great to just close my eyes and listen to the sound of the wind, the water and the seagulls.

I find it pretty interesting that some people would sit there all day with a fish hook to try their luck at catching a fish but that chance is pretty rare since the strong current of the river is not suitable in attracting any fishes. Another interesting thing I saw was that there is a cage-like home set up by the government to house the cats who were abandoned by people. It was pretty sad to see so many cats being left behind.
When I came home yesterday, both of my legs felt really weak and tired; I guess this was due to lack of exercise and not being used to walking a lot. Next time, when I go to Foster City Beach, I will probably bring my running shoes and attempt to run a mile there.
As for my sister, she came home with her hands smelling like seagull sh*t ;)LOL!

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