Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flea Market: A place to find antiques

Yesterday, my dad and I went to the big Flea Market located at Berryessa. The last time I had been to the flea market was ages ago. The place made me reminisce the times of my childhood years when my dad would always take me and my sister to the flea market. Our favorite brown teddy bear was actually purchased at the flea market. The teddy bear was very unique as it has eyes that are able to open and close. You don't really see stuffed animals with movable eyes like these in your local toy stores anymore because they got banned after several incidents of choking occured among kids. It was very hazardous as the eyes may fall out and kids may swallow them by accident.

I have always wondered how old our teddy bear is because it could be an antique. Someday, I want to bring my teddy bear to an antique exhibit and asked an expert how much it's worth.
Although I didn't really purchase anything during my trip to the flea market yesterday, I still find it fun and interesting to walk around looking at what people are selling. It always made my day to see Mexican male vendors shouting out "one dolla, one dolla" like they are calling out at an auction. Besides people selling tangible items such as used clothes and hair accessories, there are also people offering services for massage and a hair cut at an affordable price. I actually preferred going to the flea market more than going to the mall because the flea market is the place where I can find alot of old stuff that can't really be found elsewhere. Many people see these old stuff as useless but others may have different opinions of them; that is, they may see these items as a "treasure". Also, most items there are cheaper than the ones that are sold at the mall.

Sometimes my dad would come home from the flea market with items he call Chinese "antiques". Here is an item he bought a few months ago: 

According to the carving of the Chinese character "Ming" on the bottom, my dad assumes it belonged to the Ming Dynasty. However, it wasn't certain if this was the "real" deal because alot of copycats created fake ones that look just like the original one. My dad told me that if it was the original one, then we would become millionaires because the item could probably be worth the price of 3 Mercedes Benz! Holy cow!

Here are also other ancient Chinese items he found last week: 

Call me weird but someday, I really need to bring my teddy bear along with my dad's antiques to an antique roadshow to see how much they are actually worth. If they were worthy items, then what would we do with all that money?

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