Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Acne and my secret to attacking it

One of the worst nightmares I have experienced in my life was having acne. I thought it was pretty embarrassing to walk around in public with a face that looks like a pepperoni pizza. I started developing pimples during 8th grade which continued throughout almost the rest of my high school years until I finally found the solution to my acne during my senior year in high school. I have tried many products to get rid of my acne but nothing seems to be working well. Some products are just a complete LIE when it says it will clear up your acne; the truth is that it will just make your pimples become even bigger than they originally were. Therefore, it’s best to read reviews before making your purchase. I have tried many products such as Clean & Clear products but they just made my face feel itchy and irritated. The product that finally got rid of my acne was the Aveeno cleansing bar which I got at Walmart for under $5. After trying it for the first day, it was a miracle to find myself waking up the next day with most of my pimples becoming smaller. After being fascinated with the results, I continued using the bar for the next few days to see what was going to happen. Guess what? As expected, more than half of my pimples have faded away and my face felt very smooth and clean than previously.
There are many people especially teenagers suffering from acne and are not sure which product will work for them. Others have tried countless products but it just makes their condition even worse. Because I was once a sufferer of acne and have found a solution that works like a miracle, I would like to share my secret with the ones who wants to get rid of this nightmare. Hope this helps! :D

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