Thursday, July 26, 2012

My current obsession with piano

First of all, I would like to say how thankful I am to my role model, Jay Chou, for inspiring me to learn the piano. Thanks to the piano, it has made me more of a positive person today. I noticed that whenever I'm down, playing the piano would immediately brighten up my day by bringing a smile to my face. It’s also a great tool to relieve stress as it has the ability to make me feel relaxed.

Since I have already attended about 2 months of piano classes, I’m quite comfortable playing in the C position. Mostly, every note is based on timing. As of now, I’m already halfway through Level 1 of my piano lessons and about to move on to Level 2. The thing I have learned and enjoyed the most is playing the “slur” where I have to lift my hands up in the air. I loved that part because every time I lift my hands up, I would feel like a professional. My teacher is currently teaching me how to play in the G position. As of now, the song I can play using the G position is “Jingle Bells”. In today’s lesson, she taught me to play the staccato where I have to release the key the instant I play it. During the next lesson, we will move on the Middle C position but after that, I have to wait 3 more weeks to be able to continue my lessons since my teacher have to go back to Hong Kong for a while.

My Singaporean friend has recently surprised me by sending me 2 Jay Chou piano score books in the mail. One contains piano score sheets of Jay Chou’s best hits while the other one contains piano score sheets from the soundtrack of his self-directed movie, “Secret”. I was clueless to what my friend had sent me until I ripped open the package to find a surprise gift. One look at the piano books and it totally made my day! Although I’m still a beginner at piano without sufficient knowledge in playing these songs yet, it still brings a smile to my face just by looking at the music score. I can’t wait until the day when I will be able to play all of Jay’s songs so that I can feel much more closer to him.

 Actually, I used to own 2 Jay Chou piano scores but have sold them since I had no use for them because I thought I was never going to learn the piano. I have shown the Jay Chou piano books to my piano teacher and requested her to play Jay’s “Xing Qing”. I really enjoyed her performance that I couldn’t help but smile and gave her a big round of applause. She told me she loved the song even though she hasn’t really heard any of Jay’s songs before. However, she said the songs were pretty difficult to play but I will be able to master them in about a year. Recently, due to my obsession with piano, I was tempted to purchase more piano score books with music sheets featuring the most popular songs by Jay Chou and KPOP group, TVXQ. I was even more happier to find my dad’s old piano score books/sheets while I was going through my closet last week! There are even music scores by the famous pianist, Beethoven!

I have so much more to talk about when it comes to piano but now its time to put a stop to this post. Oh, last but not least, today my dad dusted off his old brown piano and let me have a try at it! However, it needs to be tuned up since it is about 20 years old.
.. Now, off to practice! :D


  1. Hi Laura, your post is lovely! Reading your experiences learning the piano reminds me of the early piano lessons.
    I'd like to ask about the Secret piano score book that you received from your friend. I was going to buy it for a dear friend but he doesn't understand mandarin. Could you tell me if the book is completely in mandarin? Would the piano expressions in the score be written in English or Italian, like in most scores usually?

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you!


  2. Hi Yus! Glad you enjoyed reading my post! Yes, the secret piano score book is competely in mandarin but the piano expressions are written in Italian. :D I