Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday Night Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

I watched “The Dark Knight Rises” with my dad yesterday at AMC Eastridge. Since Asian movies/dramas have taken away my soul for a while, I haven’t seen an American movie for a very long time. It’s interesting to watch them once again.
After the “Batman” massacre” in Colorado a few days ago, the movie seemed to have become even more popular. It was awkward why so many people wanted to see this movie after the incident happened. To be honest, the incident also tempted me to go watch it. Security have become more strict to make moviegoers feel more safe. For the first time, there were securities standing at the entrance of “The Dark Knight” auditorium checking people before they can go in. Instead of making me calm, the securities made me felt even more nervous. I actually felt a bit scared during the movie yesterday because I was afraid of encountering a “batman” massacre like the one in Colorado. The auditorium was full house yesterday packed with a lot of die-hard Batman fans wearing Batman t-shirts. There were even more people lining up outside of the auditorium waiting to see the IMAX version. Those who came late and was not able to get seats camped outside for the next showing. I was wondering why they had to wait one hour just to see the IMAX version. Why not go to the original HD version to watch their movie rather than just wasting time? Isn’t it pretty much the same thing?
Many people seemed to enjoy the movie very much because there was a large round of applause from the audience after the movie ended. However, I thought the movie was a bit violent with the intense shooting and fighting scenes and not very suitable for little kids. Despite the violence, I wonder why so many parents still brought their kids to watch it. This movie is rated PG-13 but most kids there were under 13. I think they should raise the age requirement to age 16 and up since I feel that 13 year olds are not ready to watch movies like these yet.
Anyways, “The Dark Knight Rises” was a so-so movie. Besides the fighting and action scenes, I find the other parts to be a bit boring. There were some parts I didn't really understand since I have never finished watching the first Dark Knight movie. Also, sometimes I lose track of what's going on because scenes were rushed and people had high accents that it was hard to understand what they were saying. The scene I enjoyed the most was the Cat Women’s (Anne Hathaway) fighting scenes since she made the movie appear to be more interesting and fun. What I didn’t like about the movie was that it was about 3 hours long, making me feel restless. Maybe they should've shortened it a little bit. However, there were some touching parts that were really moving especially the ending scene. Last of all, this movie is recommended if you really love action movies.

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