Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Jay Chou Day! :D

I was impressed to have found out that July 16 is “Jay Chou Day” in Asia. This special day has been celebrated since July 16, 2003 to commemorate the day when one of Jay’s song called “Yi Fu Zhi Ming” or “In The Name of the Father” was released. When 50 radio stations around Asia have broadcasted this song, 8 million fans tuned in to listen to it. Due to the huge number of fans tuning in to listen to “In The Name of the Father”, the 50 radio stations declared July 16 to be “Jay Chou Day”. Ironically, December 31 is also Jay Chou Day in America. When Jay Chou came to San Francisco for his concert 2 years ago, he met the newly appointed governor of Cupertino who declared December 31 to be “Jay Chou Day” in America in recognition of his contribution to the Chinese music world. December 31, 2010 (New Year’s Eve) was the day Jay’s concert was held in San Francisco, California.
Here are some picture of Jay in the San Francisco Bay Area during December 2010:

Jay with Cupertino Governor who declared Dec. 31 as Jay Chou day
Jay posing with "The Green Hornet" poster at Cupertino

Jay with family and friends at San Francisco:

 I wonder how fans in Asia are going to celebrate this holiday and whether Jay will celebrate it with his family and friends. To celebrate it by myself, I am going to wear my pink Jay Chou concert t-shirt and blast Jay’s music in my room all day. My dad would probably think I’m immature but whatever... It is still July 15 today here in America but already the 16 in Asia so this means it’s Jay Chou day tomorrow for me. However, I’m going to celebrate it today!!

Lastly, here's a video in tribute of Jay. Thanks to "In the Name of the Father" which earned him "Jay Chou Day" in Asia!

...Now off to listen to some Jay music! :D

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